“Social work could begin at any age and at any place if you are passionate about it.”-

Babar Ali

Education Can Change the World

Do you really believe that noble work requires richness and adulthood? Are we really living in ‘Kalyug’ which is considered the most ‘sinful’ period? How we could believe when we always see great people around us who believe in selfless love. Great people believe that education plays a vital role in society and an educated person has the capability to change society or the world.

A Great Man with a Great Mission ‘Change the World’

In this context, no one can be the best example than Babar Ali, a resident of Bhabta Village, Murshidabad. In our childhood days, we fight for games, paints, bicycles, remote car but this extraordinary man was busy in teaching children of his village since he was merely nine years old. At such a young age, he had become the “The Youngest Headmaster of the World.”

Babar Ali's mission to change the world since he was nine
Babar Ali teaching at the age of nine

The beginning of free school for changing the world of rural kids

One day, when he was going to his school, he saw children of his age were working in farms instead of going school and that inspired him to educate these children. This young mind didn’t know his selfless move would change hundreds of lives. He wasn’t aware that his mission could change the world’s perspective towards free education

Backyard of his house was the witness of his passion

He started his school in the backyard of his house and his younger sister was his first student then it got multiplied with years. He used to bring chalks from his school and when his teacher came to know then she started giving him a full box of chalks.

Anand Shiksha Niketan (A School of Joyful Learning)

Though his school didn’t have a good infrastructure, his passion for teaching made him a great and inspiring man. For him, this journey wasn’t easy but due to his determent attitude, a free school was opened in a backward area of Murshidabad.

“It was difficult to persuade villagers to send their children to school and used to tell them the value of education. My attitude of not giving up founded a school “Anand Shiksha Niketan” where 300 children get free education.

students of Anand Shiksha Niketan study to change their little world
Students of Aanad Shiksha Niketan

He used to teach which he was taught in his schools. Now, he is twenty-four years old but his passion for ‘education for all’ and ‘change the world’ made him world recognized.


He is awarded the title ‘Real Heroes of India’ by IBN English news Channel, World Peace Campaign award is also given to him in 2019. He has been a Ted Fellow in Ted Summit 2019, his inspirational story is included in Karnataka Government’s pre-University English textbook. He was also invited in Amir Khan’s show ‘Satayamev Jayate’. He has been the regular speaker of various conferences. Recently, he was invited to meet Hon. President of India who is truly inspired by the story of this young man, Babar Ali.

Babar Ali with Honorable President of India
Babar Ali with Honorable President of India

Babar Ali listened to his heart which always wanted to do something unique and great for his country to make the world better. His story teaches us that there are no barriers if there is a will to do for society, country or world. Good work could start at any age, and at any place. 

“I realized that I need to do more work for my country. It is my responsibility to fulfil my mission ‘education for all.”