We all have shortcomings, no soul is perfect. What is important is to find out where are we lacking. Work on it, Overcome from it.

Shambhavi, a Tarot Reader

All of us appreciate the victories and congratulates the champions, but hardly few people are interested in knowing the ladder of success. This blog will capture an inspiring journey of a very famous personality Shambhavi Chhuggani who is an expert in Tarot Reading, Colours Psychology, Vastu, Switchwords, Doodle Analysis, and Healing.

Shambhavi was born in one of the elite families of Bihar. Now, she is a versatile personality and especially famous as a Tarot reader and won 21 awards. She had done tarot reading for many celebrities too but there is a story behind this successful woman.


Her Childhood

Shambhavi is very educated and belongs to a family of doctors and lawyers. Apart from formal education, she has been given spiritual education by her Nani in the field of Reiki, Nyaas Healing, Sahajkriya, and many more

But sometimes, few stars have little eclipses. Fortunately, it was short-lived for her. In her initial years, she used to stammer which made her very conscious, quiet, and introvert. Shambhavi is a long name and she sometimes struggled to introduce herself.

When there is a conviction to achieve anything you want, the universe supports you as happened with Shambhavi. She overcame her speech issue, without any clinical assistance in shaping her for who she is today.

One day, I was asked to speak in front of a huge crowd in my college, and my Chancellor whispered to me “You can do it, and I know you will do it”, that belief gave me immense strength and I spoke without stammering even for a second. Though I worked hard on it, but that day I overcame with the fear of stammering.

Her journey of becoming a successful Tarot Reader

Shambhavi did her MBA and Hotel Management course, but she chose her career as a Tarot Reader. Her interest was generated through her maasi who is also a Tarot Reader. In 1998, she learnt from her and did many courses in Tarot Reading. Since 21 years, she is working in this profession and facilitated by many awards.

Honored with Life Time Achievement Award

I got umpteenth of awards but my favourite moment when I was invited by my college after fifteen years for honouring with Life Time Achievement award. I didn’t know that my college was watching my success silently. It was an emotional and most beautiful moment.

Shambhavi believes in hard work. Despite 21 years of experience, she does a course in every three to four months. Her story is inspirational for many people who cling themselves in fear and make it part of their lives.

She suggests “every parents should give spiritual education to their child so that child could balance their emotions and mind which is the necessity of today and the future’s time.”

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