Work hard for yourself. Do not have a single trace of guilt. I walked on foot for 5-10 km everyday to save 5 rupees. Life is short. Make it worthwhile. If life gives you challenges, prove yourself.

Shikha Munjal

It is a story of Shikha Munjal, a girl who was not happily accepted when she was born. She faced uncountable sufferings and tragedies, but her determination and courage always empowered her.

In 2014, she gave free education to students who could not afford tuition fee. She also sponsored the education of a child when she used to get only 5000 rupees. Currently, she is providing free books and her online YOUTUBE videos to students because her life made her realised the importance of education and money .

Shikha Munjal

Most of the people want to go back to re-live their childhood but Shikha never wants to look back even for once. She had seen extreme financial issues in her family which was slowly dragging her into depression .

I have one sister and brother. When most of the children spend their time in games and study, I and my sister used to take tuition and work till late night. I sponsored my education. I wanted to work hard so that I could give a good life to my parents especially my mom. I never heard any complaints from my mother, but I knew that she was suffering.

During her B.S.C, she used to do three jobs simultaneously. She used to sleep at 1 am and get up at 5 am to take her tuition. She was working day and night that made her sick. She plunged again into depression and tried to commit suicide.

From my savings, maine apne ghar ke liye ek bed liya. isse pahle hamare ghar pe ek bed tak ni tha. After 12th, I got good rank in AIEEE, but, we didn’t have money to pay for my college. After my B.S.C, I gave exams in sixteen colleges for my masters, but I wasn’t allowed to go.

For Master, she worked in Academy institution and saved money. But, her father did not let her go out for her degree of Master. One day, she went to Jaipur without informing anyone for her admission. Before that she never stepped out. Many people questions on her but she was determined. Her sister, Shweta sponsored her Masters and helped her in completing M.S.C .

Summers of Rajasthan are so scorching but there was no cooler no AC in my room because I could not afford that. After my masters, I got job where I was not paid much and half of my salary used to go home.

she worked so hard for earning money and she was never supported by HER father. She took the responsibility of her brother and gave him a better education by going against everyone. She never wanted him to feel ki hmare pass paise nahi hai. Mai jis guilt mai humesha rahi mai nahi chati thi ki mera bhai bhi rahe.

Shikha with her brother

In August 2019, her father got paralysis attack. She was the only one who was running her house. But all her savings got finished in her father’s treatment. Her life was in chaos. Due to Corona, she was not paid, she had to pay for her brother’s fee, and she needed money for her father’s medicines. However, she did not give up.

She started her own YouTube channel where she teaches Chemistry. One day, she got a call from Unacademy, an online app of tuition who got impressed by her style of teaching. Finally, it was the beginning of her good fortune for that she worked extremely hard.

I was working three jobs simultaneously. I renovated my house. Now we have AC, and other machines which are essential. I work 18 hours a day. I am getting handsome package now. Students are loving my videos. I am quite satisfied now.

Life journey of Shikha, who was never supported by her father is commendable and inspiring. She sponsored her own education. She fought for her brother. She renovated her own house. She is pursuing PhD. She knows the value of education, thus, she is giving free classes of chemistry through her YouTube channel.

Shikha’s YOUTUBE Channel

She is a wonderful example for those people who believe that daughters are burden and their birth are inauspicious. There are not one Shikha but thousands are women who are running their houses and working hard as a man can. The team of If They Can You Can congratulates you. You are a real hero whose story should be heard and celebrated.

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