“I was sixteen when he threw acid on my skin. My skin was melting like wax. I became blind. I got paralyzed. I lived 90 days in ICU and 15 days in coma. But, I did not lose hope. I wanted to live. I wanted to work for other Acid Survivors.”

Pramodini Roul, an Acid Survivor

Pramodini Roul also known as Rani is a great example of bravery, courage, determination, optimism, and many more. Acid burnt her skin but Pramodini and her mother did not give up and fought as powerful women. Now, Pramodini helped in reopening the acid victims’ cases in UP and running an NGO for Acid Survivors.

Pramodini Roul

Pramodini was only sixteen years old when an army man threw acid on her. He forced Pramodini to marry him but she wanted to study and wanted to be a classical dancer. The rejection of marriage outraged that man who burnt her skin with acid and said “Agar tu meri nahi ho sakti to kisi ki nahi ho sakti” (“If you can’t be mine, you can’t be of anyone”)

People used to say “isne hi kuch kiya hoga”. People used to get scared. They said “Isko dekhke hi dar lagta hai.” But, it was only my mother who did not consider me a burden on her.

Pramodini shares how acid burned her skin

Pramodini had lost her eyes, got paralyzed. She was in ICU for ninty days and fifteen days in COMA. For the next five years, she was bedridden. However, she and her mother chose to fight. Finally, with the help of few doctors, she got able to walk and got her vision back.

After enduring uncountable miseries and pain, she met the hero of his life, Saroj who made her believe in love. Saroj’s unconditional and selfless love healed Pramodini. Saro married her and their families happily accepted both of them.

I loved Pramodini because I loved her not because she was an Acid Survivor.

Saroj says

The life of Pramodini is not only the story of a brave woman but also her journey question on society which treat a woman only as a commodity. With her determination, she successfully reopened acid cases in UP and she is the part of Chhanv Foundation which helps Acid Survivors.

The team of If They Can You Can salute Pramodini and her NGO team who are continuously working for the upliftment of society. Like this story? Or have something to share? Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram