About Us

If They Can You Can has a mission of changing the mindset that we live in a ‘dark age’. Through, our blogs, we are creating a positive world where people could breathe the air of positivity and release the carbon dioxide of stress.

It provides a platform where people share about their journey of life, companies, organizations, and their products. It welcomes the stories which are inspiring and motivating.

Why Should You Choose ITCYC?

We capture the inspirational stories of real heroes, founders of start-ups, NGOs, and organizations. We choose such people who are hidden and marginalized but their contributions are phenomenal. We share our blogs among our intellectual audience.

We post our blogs on social media: Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For today’s time, it is important to share what we do so that people could get inspiration and zeal to become like you. In today’s world where people are suffering from anxieties, depressions, and various kinds of disorders, it is important for us to motivate them for creating a better world for us and for next generations. If your story could transform one life, we believe that your contribution will be huge to the society and the world.

Moreover certain amount of our income is sent to various NGOs which are working for social issues such as girl child, women empowerment, sanitary, free education, food, and others.